Stewardship Ministry Committee                             

The Stewardship Ministry Committee consists of parish leaders appointed by the Pastor for a three year term to implement and execute the Actions outlined in the approved Pastoral Plan.  The Committee meets on the 4th Tuesday to discuss ways of multiplying Our Lady of Guadalupe’s gifts of time, talent and treasure!  Please send your comments, questions or suggestions for the committee’s agenda to Deborah Ortega,

In the 1992 publication “Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response – A Pastoral Letter” it describes conversion as “committing one’s very self to the Lord.” The letter continues, “Stewardship is an expression of discipleship, with the power to change how we understand and live out our lives.”4 Good stewards live with joy and gratitude for the blessings they have received—including those that have multiplied through diligence and hard work. Indeed, good stewards live in communion with Christ and through Christ and the Spirit strive to return all gifts to the Father “with an increase.”

Examples of the works, services, and ministries of the good steward enumerated in the stewardship letter include the following:

     - Evangelization and witness to the Gospel

     - Catechesis and faith formation

     - Parent stewardship of the domestic church

     - Stewardship of simplicity of life

     - Stewardship for ecology of the globe

     - Lay witness in the marketplace and institutions

     - Financial accountability in personal and parochial affairs

     - Stewardship of collegiality and collaboration in parish life and ministries 

     - Stewardship of social justice and the work for peace

Stewardship, then, is all-encompassing. It provides a place for the simplest individual gesture of kindness as well as stewardship communities working for systemic justice and peace. Stewardship flowing from a personal and communal relationship to Christ holds a particular attraction to people. It is, ultimately, the pull and the power of the Gospel come alive in our times and circumstances.

This pastoral letter speaks eloquently to youth, whose idealism and energy are needed and welcome in the challenge of stewardship. Stewardship can lead youth and young adults to a more mature understanding of their lives as a vocation—as a call to serve Christ and the Church as a layperson, religious, deacon, or priest.


When we accept God’s gifts gratefully, the experience invariably leads to new depths of discerning how the Spirit leads people to a further response to God’s call. 

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