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Funeral Planning 

The faith of the Church cannot erase the pain of losing a loved one, but can give some solace and strength. Death is a time when our faith in God is purified, as is our relationship with Him. The most important things, and the things that endure, are brought to the surface in a powerful way. It is a time for us to support and console one another, and to manifest that love that is stronger than death. When death occurs Christians respond with greater prayer, both for those who have died and for those who are experiencing the death of a loved one.

The Church manifests the suffering, death and Resurrection of Jesus in the funeral liturgy. The readings and prayers do not minimize human suffering and death, but show how they have been conquered by love. There is celebration and joy alongside sympathy and grief. For a baptized Catholic, the Mass of Christian burial is the customary ritual of prayer.

Please contact the church office at 785-232-5088 for assistance in arranging and planning the funeral liturgy.  If the family would like a luncheon following the funeral the members of the Funeral Ministry can assist with those arrangements. 

For assistance in planning the liturgy music and musicians, please contact the Music Director, Rita Bennett at 785-232-5202 

The parish office will provide you with a funeral guidelines booklet  to help you plan a funeral celebration for yourself or a loved one. If you are preparing for death or for a funeral of one who has recently passed, we are here to answer your questions and to assist you. We want your funeral liturgy to reflect your life of faith, hope and love.