Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

- Founded 1914 -
201 NE Chandler, Topeka, Kansas 66616 - 785-232-5088

Finance Council

 In accordance with Canon 536.1, the Finance Council has been mandated in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas.  The Parish Finance Council is advisory to the Pastor and its recommendations are valid only when accepted by the Pastor. The Parish Finance Council should take the lead role on protecting the assets of the parish. The Council should review internal controls regularly and make recommendations to change existing policies and procedures as needed. 

In short, the Parish Finance Council should:

    - Hold the parish staff accountable for all financial activity conducted on behalf of the parish; 

    - Review and evaluate current internal controls concerning the accounting function, practices and  


    - Review and discuss the parish monthly/quarterly financial reports, as well as the annual report; 

    - Monitor actual results to budgeted comparisons and discuss variances; 

    - Assess the condition of parish buildings and plan for improvements as needed; 

    - Take responsibility for the entire process of accounting, reporting and control.

The Finance Council meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 5:30 pm in the church office, 134 NE Lake, Topeka, Kansas 66616.  Please send your comments, questions or suggestions for the committee’s agenda to the Church Office at maryann.pickering@olg-parish.com, or Kristina Munoz at kmunoz518@yahoo.com.